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Woodland Hutterite Colony (Poplar Point, Manitoba, Canada)Woodland Mennonite Church (Basye, Virginia, USA)Woodland Mennonite Church (Warroad, Minnesota, USA)
Woodland Mennonite Church (Wichita, Kansas, USA)Woodland Mennonite Mission (Milroy, Pennsylvania, USA)Woodlawn Mennonite Church (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Woodlawn Mennonite Church (Greenwich, Ohio, USA)Woodlawn Mennonite Fellowship (Dorking, Ontario, Canada)Woodridge Mennonite Church (Washington, District of Columbia, USA)
Woodrow Gospel Chapel (Woodrow, Saskatchewan, Canada)Woodside Conservative Mennonite Church (Stratton, Ontario, Canada)
Woodson County Mennonite Brethren Church (Woodson County, Kansas, USA)Woodville Conservative Mennonite Church (Woodville, New York, USA)Wood County Mennonite Church (Jerry City, Ohio, USA)
Wood Green Mennonite Church (London, England)Wood River Mennonite Church (Wood River, Nebraska, USA)Wooster Mennonite Church (Wooster, Ohio, USA)
Wopkens, Thomas (1700-1775)Worcester Reformed Mennonite Church (Norristown, Pennsylvania, USA)
Words of Cheer (Periodical)Word of Joy Community Church (Collegeville, Pennsylvania, USA)Word of Life Mennonite Church (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
Word of Life Mennonite Church (South Hutchinson, Kansas, USA)Word of Life Mission Church (Niverville, Manitoba, Canada)Word of Testimony (Periodical)
Worker's Exchange (Periodical)Workum (Friesland, Netherlands)Work Camps, Asia
Work Camps, EuropeWork EthicWorldiness
World Mennonite Membership DistributionWorld War (1914-1918)World War (1939-1945) - Germany
World War (1939-1945) - Soviet UnionWormerveer (Noord-Holland, Netherlands)Wormer (Noord-Holland, Netherlands)
Worms (Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany)Worms ProphetsWorship, Private
Worship, PublicWorship AidsWössingen Mennonite Church (Walzbachtal, Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
Wostitz (Jihomoravský kraj, Czech Republic)Wotzlaff (Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland)Woudsend (Friesland, Netherlands)
Wouters familyWouter (16th century)Wouter (d. 1551)
Wouter Denys (d. 1569)Wouter de Vries (16th century)Wouter of Capelle (d. 1553)
Wouter of Hondschoten (d. 1558)Wouter Thonisz (1534)Wouter van Stoelwijk (d. 1541)
Wrake, Van deWright, Edwin John (1913-1994)Wright County Amish Mennonite Church (Dayton Township, Iowa, USA)
Wucherer, Hans (d. 1537)Wuite familyWullenwewer, Jürgen (1492-1537)
Wung Tien-Min (b. 1905) and Chuang Chang WungWünsch, Georg (1887-1964)Württemberg (Germany)
Würtzlburger, Augustin (d. 1528)Würzburg-Giebelstadt (Freistaat Bayern, Germany)Würzburg (Freistaat Bayern, Germany)
Würz family nameWüst, Eduard (1818-1859)Wüstenfelde (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)
Wüthrich, Peter (18th century)Wybma, Reynier Wybrands (1573-1645)Wybrandi family
Wybrands, Aemilius Willem (1838-1886)Wybrands, Christiaan Nicolaas (1852-1913)Wybrands, Karel (d. 1852)
Wybrandt Jans (d. 1530)Wymark Evangelical Mennonite Church (Wymark, Saskatchewan, Canada)Wymark Hutterite Colony (Vanguard, Saskatchewan, Canada)
Wynalda, Agge (1712-1792)Wynalda familyWynands, Willem (1630-1658)
Wyntgens van Westbrouck, Philips (d. 1533)Wynyard Gospel Church (Wynyard, Saskatchewan, Canada)Wyoming (USA)
Wyse family name

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