Hague Mennonite Church (Hague, Saskatchewan, Canada)

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Hague Mennonite Church, Hague, Saskatchewan.
Photo by Victor G. Wiebe.
Source: Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan website.

Hague Mennonite Church began services and formally organized in 1903 after Mennonites had moved to the area from southern Manitoba. The first building was occupied in 1911, with a subsequent building program in 1929. Peter Regier (Tiefengrund) is considered the founding leader of the group. The leaders during these early years were Nicolai Bahnmann, M. Galle, and W. Friesen. In 1929 a larger meeting house was built. By this time the congregation was more or less independent. The old building was eventually used by the Mennonite congregation in Neuanlage.

The congregation originated through colonization from rural Manitoba. Hague was formerly part of the Rosenort church group (Rosenorter Gemeinde). It became Hague Mennonite in 1962 when the Rosenort church group dissolved. The language of worship is English and German; the transition from German occurred in the 1970s. In 2007 the church had an average Sunday morning attendance of 80.

In March 2015 it was announced that Hague Mennonite Church had withdrawn from Mennonite Church Saskatchewan and had become an independent congregation. In September 2014, 85% of the congregation had voted to leave the conference. The church cited a number of areas of disagreement with the area conference, including same-sex marriage, women in ministry, the peace issue, and liberalism.


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Archival Records

Mennonite Heritage Centre, Winnipeg, MB: Vols. 63, 2396, 3930, 4612, 2761; Microfilms 355, 356, 357.

Additional Information

Address: Box 73, Hague, SK  S0K 1X0

Location: 202 3rd Street, Hague, SK

Phone: 306-225-2211

Denominational Affiliations:

Mennonite Church Saskatchewan (1959-2015)

Conference of Mennonites in Canada / Mennonite Church Canada (1903-2015)

General Conference Mennonite Church (1903-1999)

Hague Mennonite Church Ministers

Minister Years
David Rempel 1923-1955
Johann Federau 1931-1955
Johann Janzen 1931-1952
Gerhard Dyck 1935-1950
Henry Theodore Klassen 1948-1957
Jacob Sawatzky 1957-1959
J. Mierau 1960-1962
Verner Friesen 1963-1967
John Bergen 1968-1971
Edwin Epp 1972-1981
Grant Noll 1982-1987
David Wilson 1988-1995
David Feick 1996-2007
Ken Bechtel (interim) 2007-2008

Hague Mennonite Church Membership

Year Members
1965 180
1975 150
1985 176
1995 166
2000 156
2010 160

Author(s) Marlene Epp
Richard D. Thiessen
Date Published September 2010

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