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1990 Article

By genealogy we mean the cultivated study of ancestors, which includes preserving oral traditions in material form and discovering material sources for classification and preservation. The terminological distinction between family history, which encompasses the broad range of events in ancestors' lives, and genealogy, which has frequently been restricted to vital statistics of genetically connected generations, is less applicable to the approaches utilized in the late 20th century. As some genealogical research becomes more sophisticated, documented, and oriented toward the wider historical context, so have some academic historians embraced the field of local or nearby history, utilizing traditional genealogical methods and sources.

In order to begin genealogical research on one's family it is helpful to read an instructional booklet, enrol in a special course, or obtain advice from an expert. This saves much wasted effort and inaccurate record-keeping. Some basic guidelines follow: (1) One should begin at home, literally, with old letters, family Bibles, interviewing relatives, etc. The next steps involve visits to libraries, courthouses, and places where church records are kept. (2) One should not believe the first "facts" heard or read, but write them down accurately; the more sources which provide the same data, the higher possibility of truth. (3) One should not trust one's memory for all the details. Devise an understandable organizational system that can be expanded. (4) Goals and limits to one's projects are necessary so that their rewards can be enjoyed and communicated with others.

Increased genealogical activity among Mennonites has often coincided with similar interests among the general population. Among the factors awakening enthusiasm for genealogy are major group migrations, rapid cultural changes within nuclear families, and increased literary consciousness. However, it is helpful to examine how fundamental theological, historical, and cultural forces have proved fertile ground for thriving Mennonite and Amish genealogical activities.

Anabaptist theology strongly emphasizes face-to-face human interaction as the primary locus of God's grace, rather than mediation through a special ministerial hierarchy responsible for record-keeping. The norm of a disciplined fellowship of adult believers in tension with secular society reinforced pressure for marriage within the group. Above all, intense persecution scattered groups far beyond their origins in Switzerland and The Netherlands, so that the 17th, 18th, and early 19th century saw few converts from different religious and ethnic backgrounds. In the midst of complex migration patterns, relatively stable marriage patterns within subgroups provided some security in a sea of often threatening events.

For the continuously harassed, insular, and rural communities in which European Mennonites and Amish of the Swiss stream lived in the 17th to 19th century, family history provided a powerful, binding set of connections in the context of oral traditions, but church record-keeping was politically dangerous and theologically questionable. In the late 20th century genealogical research on Mennonite and Amish Swiss background is hampered by the lack of church records, except in the case of Amish congregations in the region of Montbéliard and Belfort, France, where two mid-18th century registers have been discovered.

The first permanent American Mennonite settlement at Germantown, Pa. (1683) was made up primarily of Mennonites of Dutch background. However, the major American immigration in the 18th century (primarily to Pennsylvania) and the first half of the 19th century (primarily to regions such as Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Ontario) ultimately stemmed from Switzerland, often via southern Germany. Though not politically dangerous in America, official church records among these groups were rare until the late 19th century. Diligent research in civil records, oral traditions, family Bible records, and other sources has nonetheless resulted in an impressive body of literature.

Mennonites of the Dutch stream, intensely persecuted for approximately fifty years in the 16th century, and then generously tolerated in their land of origin, became more urbanized, wealthy, and literate than their Swiss counterparts. They kept detailed church records, extant in The Netherlands from the early 17th century and extant from the late 17th century during their sojourn in Prussia. One of the earliest known European Mennonite genealogies, dealing with the influential van der Smissen family of Hamburg, emerged from this stream in 1743. Beginning in 1788-89 some Mennonites left Prussia for Russia, where their separate economic and religious subculture was subject to mass emigration to North America in the 1870s and 1920s. Though church records were kept during these centuries, some have been destroyed or lost during the disruption of war, famine, and persecution.

Intermarriage between the Dutch and Swiss streams was rare before the 20th century and within the many subgroups endogamy, communal migration, and mutual aid practices provided a degree of predictability for later genealogical research. Particular surnames can be associated with certain geographical areas, time periods, and national groups, thus providing possible research avenues where no clear direction otherwise exists.

Rapid change within nuclear families helped induce some people to embrace their Mennonite heritage genealogically when they could no longer do so religiously. The number of important early North American Amish and Mennonite genealogies compiled by people whose adult lives were spent outside the denominations is remarkable. Perhaps their distance, fueled by motivations of nostalgia, guilt, and respect, plus their organizational, financial and literary skills, enabled them to produce these valuable works. For example, Abraham J. Fretz (1849-1912), first a Presbyterian, then a Methodist minister, wrote approximately 13 genealogies on Mennonites in the region north of Philadelphia. Also, Hugh F. Gingerich has collaborated with Rachel W. Kreider, to produce an astonishingly comprehensive work, Amish and Amish Mennonite genealogies (1986).

Genealogical activity varies among European Mennonites. Mennonite historical societies in Switzerland and The Netherlands incorporate genealogy to a lesser degree, perhaps because the ancestors of contemporary Mennonites in these countries did not emigrate. Notwithstanding, many Dutch Mennonite families appear in the genealogical publication, Nederlandsch Patriciaat. The French Mennonite historical society, with considerable non-Mennonite participation, publishes a few family history articles in its annual periodical. The German Mennonite historical society encourages well-documented genealogy by providing a special section in its periodical. Immigration to Germany of Mennonites and Amish from Switzerland, France, and The Netherlands in the 16th and 17th centuries, plus the 20th century influx of Prussian and Russian Mennonites has made Germany the crossroads of European Mennonite genealogy.

North American Mennonite organizations and periodicals emphasizing genealogy has expanded rapidly. Libraries belonging to the Swiss stream report that approximately one half of their genealogical researchers are non-Mennonites with Mennonite ancestors. Similar institutions from the Dutch stream report a much lower percentage of non-Mennonites, probably due to the later immigration of their constituencies and the consequently lower attrition rate out of the Mennonite churches.

Although genealogical research requests do overtax staff members at some Mennonite historical libraries and organizations, the general thrust of increased genealogical activity has broadened the constituency support of Mennonite historical organizations, fostered cooperative research between Mennonites and non-Mennonites, and added to the fund of printed sources which historians, especially congregational historians, may use in the future.

While most written genealogies among Mennonites come from North America and Europe, family history is vitally important for many of the rapidly growing number of Mennonites on other continents. For example, in Africa the individual's identity is intimately tied with his or her clan membership and the generational links that define it. African Mennonites, too, possess this interest motivated by the whole culture rather than any sense of religious identity as a Mennonite. Tensions have arisen when first-generation Mennonites or Mennonites from Europe or North America perceive Asian or African concerns for clan ancestry as unbiblical ancestor worship.

Genealogical research about Mennonites in the future will bring new challenges. Presently, Old Order Amish, Old Colony Mennonites, Old Order Mennonites and other traditionalist groups exhibit stable genetic interaction. However, a growing Mennonite global community of many racial and ethnic strains, the shifting of previous conference boundaries, and the proliferation of inter-Mennonite agencies eventually will affect genealogies. The vast storehouses of computerized records of minute details about people in industrialized societies will provide much fodder for genealogists, but to future genealogical research on Mennonites, the familiar litany of names and places will never sound quite the same.

By 1999 computer databases of Mennonite genealogical information began to emerge. The California Mennonite Historical Society in 1997 issued a second edition of the Genealogical Registry and Database of Mennonite Ancestry (GRANDMA) containing 267,000 names of Russian Mennonite names; and the Ohio Michigan Indiana Illinois Genealogy Project (OMII) included 200,000 names of Amish and Pennsylvania German Mennonite names. -- David J. Rempel Smucker

1956 Article

Genealogy and family history are closely related and often combined in the same study. While genealogy is part of family history, not all family history is genealogy. The following bibliography of Mennonite genealogies includes published books in which ancestors and descendants are listed in the natural order of succession. In some instances the books listed are basically family history rather than genealogy, but genealogical charts accompany the book. In the American section of the bibliography titles have been included only if the progenitors in America were Mennonite; there has been no attempt to include every genealogy in which a Mennonite appears. The American section has been based upon the historical collections at Bethel College, North Newton, Kansas; Bluffton College, Bluffton, Ohio; and Goshen College, Goshen, Indiana, checked against some lists from other libraries and private collections. The Dutch and German sections were based upon these same collections, the 1919 Catalogus of the [[Amsterdam Mennonite Library (Bibliotheek en Archief van de Vereenigde Doopsgezinde Gemeente te Amsterdam)|Amsterdam Mennonite Library]], Adolf Schnebele's unpublished bibliography of German Mennonite imprints, and information supplied by individuals in these countries. The total number of titles (available in 1955) listed is 310; 265 North American, 30 Dutch, 15 German.

It is immediately evident that much more genealogical work has been done by American than by European Mennonites. This may be explained in part by the natural starting point which the American genealogist finds in the date of arrival in America of the progenitor of the family. In America the first books to appear were those related to the Levering and Schnebele families, both appearing in 1858. From 1870 to the present there has been a continuous growth in American Mennonite genealogical publication with an early peak in the 1890's and a slight recession during the 1930's. The early peak in the 1890's was due to the intense research of one man, A. J. Fretz, a Presbyterian minister-farmer, who compiled eleven genealogies of Mennonite families published between the years 1890 and 1906, many of which he published privately. These books ranged in size from 80 to more than 870 pages and contained an amazing amount of information concerning many of the individuals listed. It was not unusual to find in the Fretz genealogies rather complete biographical sketches of persons who contributed in a special way to church and community. The number of families which Fretz treated was possible in part because of interlocking family relationships, but even so his work was monumental for one individual.

Interestingly, the increase in the number of American genealogies published from the 1930s-1950s can be attributed to two distinct groups—families which are predominantly Amish Mennonite (Old Order) and the families of descendants of Mennonite immigrants from Russia since 1873. Before 1930 this latter group was represented by only one small booklet (Deckert family), probably published before 1895. No further genealogies from this group appeared until 1930, with the majority published after 1948. It is evident that genealogical research among the descendants of these immigrants from Russia has been spurred by the imminent passing of the last generations born in Russia.

The bibliography includes materials ranging from broadsides printed on one side to volumes of more than one thousand pages. Some give little more than names and relationships. Others include data as to place of residence, occupation, church membership, and significant accomplishments. Most report life dates of individuals. A few are profusely illustrated with photographs of members of the family, notably the Brillhart book.

Since many of the genealogies were published privately, they often lack important bibliographic features. It has been very difficult to state the place of publication accurately in many instances. The place of printing may be given, but it is obvious that the printer is not the publisher. A book may have a title page bearing one title, while the binder's title may be completely different and the better known of the two. The author's name as given on the title page may differ from that given in the body of the genealogy. The date of publication is often lacking. In many instances title page information is supplied on the cover only. In others, title page information is completely lacking.

Just as the genealogies vary in quality, they vary in ease of use. Some have ingenious numbering systems to show relationships. No numbering system, however, can take the place of a careful and complete index which locates every individual in the genealogy. Indexes are completely lacking in some of the books. Others index only those persons who are in the blood line and heads of families. Many break up the genealogy into branches of the family with a separate index for each. Indexing may not follow strict alphabetic principles. It is evident that compilers of genealogies are in urgent need of an advisory service to help them plan some of the details of their books before publication. -- Nelson P. Springer

In the following list of titles, the number of pages, where known, is given immediately following the place and date of publication. The titles are short titles only.

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Concerning the following Dutch Mennonite families genealogical data with their family coats-of-arms are found in A. A. Vorsterman van Oyen, Stamen Wapenboek van aanzienlijke Nederlandsche Familiën: Vol. I. Groningen, 1885: van Aldewerelt, Blaauw, Blijdenstein, Brants, Bruyn, Bruyning, de Clercq, Dyserinck, van Eeghen, van Eik, de Flines, Fontein, de Haan. Vol. II (Groningen, 1888): van Halmael, van Heukelom, van Heyningen, van Heyst, ten Kate (Cate), Koopmans, van Lennep, van der Mersch, Messchert, de Monchy, de Neufville. Vol. III (Groningen, 1890): Portielie. Rahusen, Roeters van Lennep, Sieuwertsz van Reesema, van Vollenhoven, Vreede, and in appendix Fontein, Hesselink, Mesdag.

A valuable source of genealogical information is Nederlandsch Patriciaat, first issued in 1910 at The Hague. The following Dutch families, which have been entirely or partly Mennonite, are found in the Nederlandsch Patriciaat: van Alde(r)werelt, VII (1916) 814; XLII (1956) 23-43; Blaauw, VII (1916) 48-52; X (1919) 21 f.; Blijdenstein, XXXIII (1947) 7-34; Brants, V (1914) 47-52; Bruyn, IV (1913) 78-84; Bybau, V (1914) 68-72; XXXII (1946) 48-55; Cardinal, VIII (1917) 95-102; X (1917) 68 f.; ten Cate, XVII (1927) 109-14; de Clercq, II (1911) 6068; XI (1920) 43-53; Craandijk, XXXVI (1950) 91-103; Doyer, XXX (1944) 32-68; Dyserinck, II (1911) 116-21; XL (1954) 97-107; Ebeling, XV (1925) 114-20; van Eeghen, II (1911) 121-28; X (1919) 96-105; Flines, de, VII (1916) 174-79; Fock, VIII (1917) 148-53; van Gelder, I (1910) 152-63; IX (1918) 104-17; van Geuns, XIV (1924) 89-107; van Gilse, XXXIX (1953) 87-98; de Haan, II (1911) 175-80; X (1919) 120-26; XVII (1927) 179; XXXV (1949) 47-61; Halbertsma, V (1914) 172-81; XII (1921-22) 206-17; XV (1925) 135 f.; XL (1954) 174-98; van Halmael, XXVI (1940) 60-64; Hannema, XVIII (1928-29) 313-24; van Heukelom, IV (1913) 174-81; XXVII (1941) 14057; van Heyst, XXXVI (1950) 188-93; Huidekoper, XVII (1927) 206-16; Hulshoff, XXVIII (1942) 78105; Jannink, XIV (1924) 155-64; Jeltes, X (1919) 136-42; Kaars Sypestein, XVII (1927) 339-44; Kool, XVIII (1928-29) 97-116; Koopmans (Coopmans), XI (1920) 124-32; Kops, X (1919) 190-200; XL (1954) 206-28; Laan, XII (1921-22) 171-86; Leendertz, XIX (1930) 120-42, 290 f.; Lely, XLII (1956) 213-24; van Lennep, IX (1918) 231-52; Loder, VI (1915) 225-28; Loosjes, XIV (1924) 180-88; Lugt, XXIX (1943) 291-318; van der Meersch, II (1911) 329-33; van der Mersch, VIII (1917) 298-302; Messchaert (Messchert), XVI (1926) 212-36; Mol (1), X (1919) 272-81; de Monchy, III (1912) 263-75; XXV (1939) 142-62; Muller (Muller), XIX (1930) 152-62; de Neufville, VI (1915) 275-78; van der Pals, V (1914) 312-16; XVI (1926) 237-42; Patijn, I (1910) 334-38; IX (1918) 280-84; van der Ploeg, XVII (1927) 282-93; Pol, XXVIII (1942) 227-44; le Poole, X (1919) 354-59; XLI (1955) 291-305; Portielje, VI (1915) 314-16; Prins, XII (1921-22) 120-30; Rahusen, V (1914) 326-30; Rueb, II (1911) 413-19; XV (1925) 435-45; Scheltema, XXVII (1941) 218-88; XXVIII (1942) 368-70; Schimmelpenninck, I (1910) 410-13; XIII (1923) 322 f.; van Schouwenburg, XIV (1924) 267-83; Sieuwertsz van Reesema, V (1914) 336-39; de Stoppelaar, XXVIII (1942) 287-304; Uitterdijk, XI (1920) 289-92; de Veer, XXV (1939) 270-313; Vissering, XXIV (1938) 300-18; van der Vliet, XI (1920) 320-31; Vollenhoven, XI (1920) 332-37; van Vollenhoven, XVI (1926) 278-340; Vreede, XLI (1955) 341-70; de Vries, V (1914) 439-49; XXVII (1941) 370-92; Warnaars, IV (1913) 431-35; Westendorp, IV (1913) 445-49; Willink, XXXVI (1950) 368-78.

Data concerning the following Dutch noble families, which were Mennonite or of Mennonite descent, are found in the Nederlandsch Adelsboek (The Hague): Hartsen (1929) 168-170; Rutgers (1916) 421-30; Schimmelpenninck (1917) 67-76.

German Families

BACHMANN: Peter Bachmann. Mennoniten in Kleinpolen, 1784-1934. Lemberg, 1934. The second appendix, "Stammbäume der mennonitischen Familien in Kleinpolen," consists of genealogical charts for the following families: Bachmann, Bergthold, Brubacher, Ewy, Forrer, Hubin, Jotter, Kintzi, Klein, Laise, Linscheid, Merk, Muller, Rupp, Schmidt, Schrag, and Stauffer.

BECKERATH: Heinrich von Beckerath. Stammbaum von Beckerath nebst Deszendenz. Krefeld, 1903; Oskar von

Beckerath. Familie von Beckerath (vol. II). Krefeld, 1936.

BERGEN (BARGEN): Fritz van Bergen. Der Berg; Sippenzeitung der Familien van Bergen, van Bargen, 1933?-1940? Frankenau/Gutfeld, Ostpreussen.

BERGTHOLD: see Bachmann

BRUBACHER: see Bachmann

CONWENTZ: Margarete Boie. Hugo Conwentz and seine Heimat . . . Stuttgart, 1940, 284 p.

DELDEN: P. Moussault Het Geslacht van Delden . . . Laren, 1954, 283 p.

DIRKSEN: George Conrad. Geschichte der Familie Dirksen . . . Görlitz, 1905, 2 vols.

DRIEDGER: Gustav E. Reimer. Die Familiennamen der westpreussischen Mennoniten. Weierhof, 1940. (Schriftenreihe des Mennonitischen Geschichtsvereins, Nr. 3). The appendix of 12 pages is entitled "Beiträge zur Stammtafel der Familie Driedger."

EPP: Kurt Kauenhowen. Mitteilungen des Sippenverbandes der Danziger Mennoniten-Familien EppKauenhowen-Zimmermann, 1934?-1943? Göttingen; with volume 7 this becomes simply Mitteilungen des Sippenverbandes Danziger Mennoniten Familien. While the Epp, Kauenhowen (Couwenhoven), and Zimmermann families receive primary emphasis, there are occasional genealogical articles relating to other Mennonite families with a Danzig background.

EWY: see Bachmann

FIEGUTH: Abraham Fieguth. Stammbuch der Familie Fieguth . . . Marienburg, Wpr., 1938, 45 p.

FORRER: see Bachmann

FUNCK: Herman Funck. Familie Funck-Richen Stammbaum . . . Schorndorf, 1939, 23 p.

HEGE: Christian Hege. Chronik der Familie Hege . . . Frankfurt am Main, 1937, 55 p.

HUBIN: see Bachmann

JOTTER: see Bachmann

KAUENHOWEN: Kurt Kauenhowen and Walter Kauenhowen. Die Kauenhowen; Mitteilungen aus der Geschichte and dem Leben des Geschlechtes Kauenhowen, 1926 (vol. I, Nr. 1). Verden. No further issues published; Ssee also Epp

KINTZI: see Bachmann

KLEIN: see Bachmann

LAISE: see Bachmann

LEYEN: Wilhelm Kurschat. Das Haus Heinrich and Friedrich von der Leyen in Krefeld. Frankfurt, 1933, 33 p.

LINSCHEID: see Bachmann

MERK: see Bachmann

MUELLER: Heinrich Muller, Versuch an Hand des Stammbaumes der Familie Muller . . . Frankfurt a.M., 1919?, 50 p.; see also Bachmann

ROOSEN: Berend Paulus Roosen and Otto Roosen. Stammbaum der Familie Roosen. Hamburg, 1875; (Berend Carl Roosen). Geschichte unseres Hauses. Hamburg, 1905, 118 p.

ROY: Curt von Roy and Roderich von Roy. Die Familie des Peter von Roy . . . Oppeln, 1918, 50 p.

RUPP: see Bachmann

SCHMIDT: see Bachmann

SMISSEN, VAN DER: (Klenze). Familien-Chronik der Familie van der Smissen. Danzig, 1875, 146 p.; Heinz Münte. Das Altonaer Handlungshaus van der Smissen, 1682-1824 . . . Altona/Elbe, 1932; Altonaer Zeitschrift far Geschichte und Heimatkunde; 178; the first 48 pages contain the van der Smissen genealogy.

SCHMUTZ: Zweihundertvierzig Jahre Familiengeschichte, ein Stammbaum der Familien Schmutz. Leuterstal, 1936, 281 p.

SCHRAG: see Bachmann

STAUFFER: see Bachmann.

WIEBE: Nachrichten fiber die Familie Wiebe und einige mit ihr in Verwandtschaft stehende Familien. Berlin, 1872.


Kurt Kauenhowen of Gottingen, Germany, has devoted a great deal of time to research in Mennonite family history, particularly the Mennonite families of West Prussia . His "Das Schrifttum zur Sippenkunde und Geschichte der taufgesinnten niederländischen Einwanderer (Mennoniten) in Altpreussen und ihrer Abzweigungen" in Mitteilungen der Niederländischen Ahnengemeinschaft e.V., 1:66-109 (May 1939) includes 34 references to monographs and articles on 21 Mennonite families. In 1954 he compiled a manuscript bibliography of materials relating to 101 "nordostdeutschen" Mennonite families, including branches of these families which had migrated to Russia and to North America. Most of his entries are periodical articles, many of them from his own Mitteilungen (seeEpp above). Walther Risler, in his "Quellen zur Geschichte der Krefelder Mennonitenfamilien" in Beiträge zur Geschichte rheinischer Mennoniten (Weierhof, Pfalz, 1939), lists materials relating to 17 Mennonite families in Krefeld. Many of the items he lists are articles published in Die Heimat: Mitteilungen des Vereins far Heimatkunde in Krefeld, 1921-? (Krefeld). In Mennonite Quarterly Review, April 1949, Gustav Reimer reports extensive West Prussian Mennonite genealogical materials which he was able to take with him on his flight from Marienburg in 1945. The exact location of these materials in 1955 was not known. -- NPS


Genealogical research aids include the following:

Lindner, Bill R. How to Trace Your Family Tree. New York: Everest House, 1978.

Doane, Gilbert and James Bell. Searching for Your Ancestors: the How and Why of Genealogy. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1980.

Greenwood, Val. The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy. Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1973.

Eakle, Arlene and Johni Cerny, editors. The Source: a Guidebook of American Genealogy. Salt Lake City: Ancestry Publishing Company, 1984.

Some of the European and North American periodical publications and sponsoring organizations which contain varying percentages of genealogical materials are:

The Diary (Old Order Amish).

Family Life (Old Order Amish).

Mennonite Historian (Mennonite Heritage Committee of Mennonite Church Canada and Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies in Canada).

Mennonite Heritage (Illinois Mennonite Historical and Genealogical Society).

Mennonite Historical Bulletin (Historical Committee of Mennonite Church USA).

Mennonite Family History (privately published).

Ontario Mennonite History (Mennonite Historical Society of Ontario).

Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage (Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society).

Historical Center Echoes (Juniata Historical Center, Pennsylvania).

Newsletter (Mennonite Historians of Eastern Pennsylvania).

Mennonitische Geschichtsblätter (Mennonitischen Geschichtsverein).

Souvenance Anabaptiste/Mennonitisches Gedächtnis (L'Association Française d'histoire Anabaptiste-Mennonite).

Mennonitica Helvetica : Bulletin des Schweizerischen Vereins für Täufergeschichte = Bulletin de la Société suisse d'histoire mennonite (Schweizerischer Verein für Täufergeschichte/Société Suisse pour L'histoire Mennonite).

Bulletin (Mennonite Brethren Historical Society of the West Coast).

Mennonite Ancestry Research Service (a privately owned and operated center in Fresno, California, USA).

Mennonite Genealogy, Inc./Mennonitische Familienforschung (a privately owned and operated research center in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada).

General studies include the following:

Luthy, David. "One Hundred Years of Amish Genealogies, 1885-1985." Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage 8 (October 1985): 28-31.

Gingerich, Hugh F. and Rachel W. Kreider. Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies. Gordonville, Pa.: Pequea Publishers, 1986.

Goertz, Adalbert. "Genealogical Sources of the Prussian Mennonites." Mennonite Quarterly Review 60 (1981): 372-80.

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Ruth, John L. Maintaining the Right Fellowship. Scottdale, PA: Herald Press, 1984.

Dyck, Cornelius J., ed. Introduction to Mennonite History, 3nd ed. Scottdale, PA: Herald Press, 1993).

Epp, Frank H. Mennonites in Canada, 2 vols. Toronto, ON: Macmillan of Canada, 1974, 1982.

"Mennonite Tercentennial Issue" Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage (6 October 1983).

Klippenstein, Lawrence. "Canadian Sources for Mennonite Genealogists -- The Mennonite Heritage Center." Mennonite Family History 1 (April 1982): 11-13.

Haury, David A., ed. Index to Mennonite Immigrants on United States Passenger Lists, 1872-1904. North Newton, KS, Mennonite Library and Archives, 1986.

Roth, Paul. "Das Vergessene und Wiedergefundene Register der Gemeinde 'Lamä-Belfort' 1729-1843." Souvenance Anabaptiste/ Mennonitisches Gedächtnis 8 (1986): 53-54.

Zurcher, Isaac. "Die Täufernamen in der Schweiz." Informations Blätter/ Feuilles d'Information 8 (1985): 28-62.

de Hoop Schefer, Jacob Gysbert. Inventaris der Archiefstukken Berusten bij de Vereenigde Doopsgezinde Gemeente te Amsterdam. Amsterdam: Amsterdam Mennonite Church, 1883-84.

Important genealogies written by non-Mennonites:

Hertzler, John, Sr. A Brief Biographic Memorial of Jacob Hetzler. Elkhart, IN: Mennonite Publishing Company, 1885.

Hostetler, Harvey. Descendants of Jacob Hochstetler: the Immigrant of 1736. Elgin, IL: Brethren Publishing House, 1912.

Herr, Theodore W. Genealogical Records of Reverend Hans Herr. Lancaster, Pennsylvania: the author, 1908.

Fretz, A. J. A Brief History of John and Christian Fretz. Elkhart, IN: Mennonite Publishing Co., 1890.

Additional Information

Major Websites of Genealogical Interest to Mennonites

Genealogical Registry and Database of Mennonite Ancestry (GRANDMA) (1.0 million records) offered by the California Mennonite Historical Society.

Mennonite Genealogical Resources.

Swiss Anabaptist Genealogical Association (SAGA) (100 databases with 3.3 million records).

Familiennamenbuch der Schweiz (Swiss Family Names Familiennamenbuch. An Internet offering from the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland (HLS) Two indispensable resources for historians are freely accessible. Clear search functions are accessible to the public: "The surname book of Switzerland" and "The Glossary of Swiss History." "The Swiss Surname book" lists about 48,500 names of families, as of the year 1962, located in in a Swiss municipality, with civil rights, the date of acquiring the citizenship rights, as well as the place of origin, or the state, or the village. The four language "Glossary of Swiss History ” has answers. It focuses on the multilingual place names of Switzerland, which are common in different languages: (German, French, Italian and Romansch) in a deviating form or in an extant form. Neues Internetangebot des HLS Das HLS hat im April sein Internetangebot ausgebaut. Neu sind zwei unentbehrliche Ressourcen für Historiker frei zugänglich und über übersichtliche Suchfunktionen erschlossen: das „Familiennamenbuch der Schweiz” und das „Glossarium Helvetiae Historicum”. Das „Familiennamenbuch” verzeichnet rund 48'500 Namen von Familien, die 1962 in einer schweizerischen Gemeinde das Bürgerrecht besassen samt jeweiligem Bürgerot und Zeitpunkt des Bürgerrechtserwerbs sowie Herkunftsort oder- staat. Abläsch? Rennendorf? Das viersprachige „Glossarium Helvetiae Historicum” gibt Antwort. Das Glossarium ist den mehrsprachigen Ortsnamen der Schweiz gewidmet, die in verschiedenen Sprachen (deutsch, französisch, italienisch und rätoromanisch) in abweichender Form geläufig waren oder immer noch sind. Links: Familiennamenbuch der Schweiz Glossarium Helvetiae Historicum Search for s Swiss surname. It gives the canton, the municipality and "a" if the family was in that municipality before 1800. Clues in German, French, Italian, and Romansch


Canadian Mennonite University (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada); Includes the Mennonite Heritage Centre

Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Columbia Bible College (Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada)

Conrad Grebel University College (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada)

Conrad Grebel University College library holdings are listed as part of the TRELLIS online catalog catalog which serves the University of Waterloo, University of Guelph and Wilfrid Laurier University

Essex-Kent Mennonite Historical Association (Leamington, Ontario, Canada)

Manitoba Mennonite Historical Society

Mennonite Historical Society of Alberta

Mennonite Historical Society of British Columbia

Mennonite Historical Society of Saskatchewan


Brethren in Christ Historical Library and Archives (Grantham, Pennsylvania)

California Mennonite Historical Society

Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies (Fresno, California)

Center for Mennonite Brethren Studies (Hillsboro, Kansas)

Deleware Mennonite Historical Society

Illinois Mennonite Historical & Genealogical Society (Metamora, Illinois)

Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society

Menno Simons Historical Library (Harrisonburg, Virginia)

Mennonite Historians of Eastern PA and the Heritage Center

Mennonite Historical Library (Bluffton College, Bluffton, Ohio); The Library is searchable through the Ohio Private Academic Libraries (OPAL) online system.

Mennonite Historical Library (Goshen College, Goshen, Indiana); The Goshen College library is searchable via the PALNI Library network. A search on this network also includes the Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary (Elkhart, Indiana).

Mennonite Library and Archives (Bethel, College, North Newton Kansas)

Mifflin County Mennonite Historical Society (Belleville, Pennsylvania

Missionary Church Archives and Historical Collections (Mishawaka, Indiana; Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Ohio Mennonite Genealogy Project (Kidron, Ohio)

Oregon Mennonite Historical and Genealogical Society (Salem, Oregon)

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