Pilgrim Christian Fellowship (Stuarts Draft, Virginia, USA)

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The Pilgrim Christian Fellowship in Stuarts Draft, Virginia, USA was established in 1968. The congregation started when a small group withdrew from Mount Zion Amish Mennonite Church desiring evangelical innovations like English-language preaching.

In the 2010s, one of the congregation's pastors, Kenneth L. Miller, made headlines across the United States when he was convicted for helping a woman and her child escape to Managua, Nicaragua to defy a court ruling that gave joint custody of the child to her former lesbian partner.

In 2019 the church was a member of the Beachy Amish Mennonite Fellowship and had a membership of 110. The bishop was Simon Jacob Schrock, and the ministers were Darrell Hershberger and Kenneth Miller..


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Additional Information

Address: 238 Twin Hill Road, Stuarts Draft, Virginia

Phone: 540-337-4984

Website: http://pilgrimfellowship.org/

Denominational Affiliations:

Beachy Amish Mennonite Fellowship

Ordained Pastors at Pilgrim Christian Fellowship

Name Years
of Service
Elmer Schrock (1931-2018) 1969-2001?
Lloyd N. Troyer 1970-1977
Bennie Byler (Bishop) 1973-2011
Timothy E. Yoder 1989-?
Kenneth Miller 2003-present
John Beiler 2008-2010?
Simon Jacob Schrock (Minister)
Darrell Hershberger 2013-

Membership at Pilgrim Christian Fellowship

Year Membership
1968 15
1975 50
1980 72
1985 107
1990 131
1995 170
2005 126
2010 128
2015 110


Pilgrim Christian Fellowship

Author(s) Samuel J Steiner
Date Published May 2019

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