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How to Write an Interdisciplinary Article Dealing with Mennonites and Various Professions / Vocations

An interdisciplinary article deals with Mennonites and various professions/vocations, such as Mennonites and Medicine, Mennonites and Criminal Justice, Mennonites and Politics, etc. For the Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online (GAMEO) the style of writing should be direct, factual and succinct. For questions on style contact an editor or see GAMEO Style Sheet for Authors.

The suggested length is 1,000 words.

Elements to be Considered for an Interdisciplinary Article

  1. A definition of the profession/vocation;
  2. The geographical scope of the article;
  3. The time period covered by the article;
  4. A chronological treatment of Mennonite involvement with the profession/vocation;
  5. Impetus for the involvement of Mennonites in the profession;
  6. Responses of the Church to Mennonite involvement in the profession;
  7. Was there a Church outlet for the profession or where Mennonites acting as individuals?
  8. Significant or pioneer individuals in the profession;
  9. Contributions made by Mennonites to the profession;
  10. Any public recognition of Mennonites in the profession.