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How to Write a Brief or “Stub” Congregational Entry for GAMEO

A brief congregational entry provides basic factual information. This is sometimes called a “stub” article, with the hope that it will be expanded to a full length article in the future.

The length for a brief congregational entry will be no more than 150 words.

Directions for writing a more complete congregational entry can be found at:

Elements to be considered for a brief congregational entry

  1. Current name of congregation, with the municipality, province, and country in which it is located.
  2. Origin of the congregation -- dates of first meetings, reasons the congregation was begun, and names of person(s) considered to be the founders.
  3. Mention any congregational name changes (with dates of change), or any changes in primary language of worship (with dates of change).
  4. Mention current pastor(s), and earlier significant leaders with dates of their service.
  5. Mention denominational affiliation (provide brief explanation if the congregation changed affiliations or withdrew from a conference and say when this happened).
  6. Closure of the congregation (if applicable) -- dates of last meetings, reasons for congregation's closing, details of merger (if joining with another congregation).

Bibliography (If possible)

Bibliographical items are not included in the word count.

  1. Published and unpublished sources used in writing this article (for example a yearbook or directory). Give full title, author, place, publisher and date.
  2. Location of archival records, especially if the congregation is closed.

= Additional Information to add if possible = (Does not count in word total) Additional information is not included in the word count.

  1. Current church address and phone number of the congregation if active (omit phone number if congregation no longer exists; never use a personal phone number).
  2. Provide directions to the meetinghouse if there is not a street address. If the congregation is in rented quarters state the name of the school (or other facility) and its location.
  3. Membership statistics at five year intervals, if possible.
  4. Web address if congregation has a web site.

Congregational entries may be accompanied by up to two photographs -- one of the building and possibly one of a leader. Photos should be accompanied by information on photographer, name of person(s) in photo, and date of the photo.

Structure of the Entry

The paragraphs should generally follow the sequence the Elements to be Considered, though this can be altered as seems best.

If you have questions, please contact a GAMEO Associate Editor.

All submissions are subject to the editorial process of the Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online Editorial Board


Whiteville Mennonite Church (Whiteville, Tennessee, USA)

Whiteville Mennonite Church is located in Whiteville, Tennessee, USA. The church was established in 1977. Whiteville Mennonite Church was started by members from Pilgrim Christian Fellowship in Stuarts Draft, Virginia, Leon Salem Mennonite Church in Leon, Iowa, and Montezuma Amish Mennonite Church in Montezuma, Georgia. The church was initially a Beachy Amish Mennonite Fellowship congregation before joining the Maranatha Amish Mennonite Churches.

In 2014 the church had 79 members and was a member of the Maranatha Amish Mennonite Churches. The ministerial team included Bishop Kevin Earl Yoder, Ministers Ray L. Kauffman and John M. Miller, and Deacon Merlin Mast.


Mennonite Church Directory 2014. Harrisonburg, VA: Christian Light Publications, Inc., 2014: 83.

Additional Information

Address: 7065 Fayette Corner Road, Whiteville, TN

Phone: 901-231-9500

Denominational Affiliation: Maranatha Amish Mennonite Churches