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David Jakob Dick: estate owner and philanthropist; born on 29 June 1861 on the Rosenhof Estate in the Brodsky area of Taurida province, near Melitopol. His parents were Jakob Jakob and Anna (nee Schmidt) Dick, owners of a large estate. David was the seventh of 11 children. On 21 October 1887, David married Katharina Schmidt, daughter of Peter Schmidt II, owner of the Steinbach estate. The couple had 11 children, all of whom lived to adulthood. David died on 18 October 1919 at his home.

David Jakob Dick completed his elementary education in a private school on the estate, after which he went to the Gnadenfeld Zentralschule, graduating in three years. He joined the Petershagen Mennonite Church. After their wedding, David and Katharina lived with Katharina’s mother on the Steinbach estate. They finally moved into their own house in 1894 and lived there for the rest of their lives.

The couple had extensive land holdings in the Apanlee area and in the Crimea. Through further purchases and inheritance, the Dicks soon owned land on the Tamak Estate, as well as the Burulcha Estate near Simferopol. It was reported that the Dicks’ total annual income was about 150,000 rubles.

The Dicks treated their employees well and apparently paid reasonable wages. David Jakob Dick was a farmer (Landmann) at heart and ran a model farm operation. He particularly liked purebred cattle and horses, often importing animals to improve his breeding program.

Although they had not previously been particularly spiritual, both David and Katharina had a conversion experience in 1896 through the influence of an itinerant Mennonite minister, Jakob Quiring. After that time, the orientation of the couple was strongly focused on helping others and bringing them the good news of salvation. They helped start a monthly fellowship group which eventually became a new church known as the Molotschnär Evangelische Mennoniten-Brüderschaft, also known as the Allianzgemeinde.

David Dick was very concerned about the training of preachers and teachers and held special week-long seminars, alternating between Yushanlee, Steinbach and Apanlee. He was also a founder of the Molotschna Tract Society in 1904 and was later involved with the “Tent Mission,” as well as with the Mennonite forestry service camps (Forstei) camps in Russia, trying to appoint camp managers with a Christian orientation, and also arranging for itinerant ministers to hold evangelistic meetings in the camps.

David was also vitally interested in education. Together with Jakob Sudermann, he played a vital role in the founding and funding of the Zentralschule in Alexanderkrone. David and Jakob were two of the ten founding members of the Alexanderkrone Schulverein (Board of Directors) and helped in the founding of the Halbstadt Kommerzschule.

The Dick household was known to be sympathetic to the poor and disadvantaged, often donating money to people in need. David contributed heavily to the Maria School for the Deaf and Dumb in Tiege, as well as to orphanages and other charitable institutions.

After the Russian Revolution, two Communists briefly imprisoned David but released him on the intervention of the peasants. On 16 October 1919, bandits attacked the estate, taking almost everything. That night, six more bandits broke in and demanded money; they started shooting when they found the Dicks did not have much money on hand. Katherina was killed and David badly wounded. He died on 18 October 1919.

David Jakob Dick was a model farmer and philanthropist who greatly affected the people around him. Over the years, he gave away most of the money he had made, leaving a legacy of generosity for his children and the community around him.


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