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14:49, 17 January 2017Taftsville Chapel Young People.jpg (file)162 KBSamSteiner (Young families who joined the Easter morning resurrection walk up the hill above Taftsville Chapel in 2016, an annual pilgrimage initiated in 1984. Source: Virginia Glass Schlabach)1
14:48, 17 January 2017Taftsville-Mennonite-Chapel.jpg (file)120 KBSamSteiner (Taftsville Chapel Mennonite Fellowship, 2016. Source: Allen Guntz)1
14:25, 17 January 2017Frey, Marvin-2000s.jpg (file)47 KBSamSteiner (Marvin Frey while working at Ten Thousand Villages. Source: Barb Draper)1
18:29, 16 January 2017Shirk-Peter.jpg (file)88 KBSamSteiner (Peter Shirk. Source: Mennonite Archives of Ontario)1
12:43, 15 January 2017Fraser-Lake-Camp-2016.jpg (file)92 KBSamSteiner (Fraser Lake Campers. Source: Willowgrove Farm website)1
20:30, 13 January 2017Bearinger-Noah-1891-1970.jpg (file)66 KBSamSteiner (Noah Bearinger.<br/>Family photo)1
14:09, 7 January 2017Rouge-Valley-Mennonite-Church.jpg (file)60 KBSamSteiner (Rouge Valley Mennonite Church. Earlier building behind on the right.<br/>Source: Rouge Valley Mennonite Church website)1
15:31, 5 January 2017Weber-Mennonite-Church-1894.jpg (file)34 KBSamSteiner (Weber Mennonite Church, 1894. Congregational photo)1
14:40, 23 December 2016Markham Chinese Mennonite Church Sign.jpg (file)99 KBSamSteiner (Markham Chinese Mennonite Church sign. Source: Congregation's website)1
16:16, 22 December 2016Maple-View-Mennonite-Church-Wellesley.jpg (file)107 KBSamSteiner (Maple View Mennonite Church. Source: Congregation's Facebook page.)1
18:15, 16 December 2016Valentine-Kartz-tombstone.jpg (file)172 KBSamSteiner (Valentine Kratz memorial in The First Mennonite Church cemetery, Vineland, Ontario. Source: Carol Penner)1
13:14, 13 December 2016Ebersol-Manufacturing.jpg (file)39 KBSamSteiner (Ebersol Manufacturing Company. Source: Fred Lichti)1
12:01, 8 December 2016Amigo-Center.jpg (file)141 KBSamSteiner (Amigo Center in the fall. Source: Amigo Center)1
12:20, 22 November 2016Blossom-Hill-Mennonite-Church.jpg (file)77 KBSamSteiner (Blossom Hill Mennonite Church, 2016. Photo by Steve Ness)1
13:00, 28 October 2016Snyder-Roy-109.jpg (file)70 KBSamSteiner (Roy and Clara Snyder's family, when Roy retired from the Waterloo Cattle Breeding Association and began with the Ontario Animal Breeders Association. Back row from left: Clara, Nancy, Jean, Donna. Seated: Roy and Laura.<br/>Mennonite Archives of Ontari...)1
15:13, 20 October 2016Willims-Jake-Rita-2007.jpg (file)56 KBSamSteiner (Jake & Rita Willms, 2007.<br/>Family photo)1
19:38, 11 October 2016Up the Conestogo-1979.jpg (file)123 KBSamSteiner (Isaac R. Horst's first book, 1979)1
12:23, 4 October 2016RockwayMChurch.jpg (file)137 KBSamSteiner (Current photo)5
12:31, 23 September 2016Detweiler Richard 1980ca.jpg (file)80 KBSamSteiner (''Richard Detweiler, ca. 1980.<br/>Photo courtesy of Mennonite Heritage Center, Harleysville, Pennsylvania'')1
17:46, 20 September 2016New-beginnings-photo-3-5-7-15-web.jpg (file)48 KBSamSteiner (Bristol Mennonite Church.<br/>Source: Franconia Mennonite Conference)1
18:55, 15 September 2016Bethany-Mennonite-Church-Bridgewater-Corners-2013.jpg (file)94 KBSamSteiner 2
10:13, 15 September 2016Bethany-Mennonite-Church-Bridgewater-Corners-Lab.jpg (file)138 KBSamSteiner (An outdoor service with the labyrinth walk at Bethany Mennonite Church. Source: Gwen Groff)1
10:31, 14 September 2016Janzen-Heinz-1970s.jpg (file)19 KBSamSteiner (Heinz Janzen, 1970s. Family photo.)1
17:56, 8 September 2016Finland-Mennonite-Church-2016.JPG (file)111 KBSamSteiner (Finland Mennonite Church, 2016. Source: Gerald Clemmer.)1
14:43, 2 September 2016Bechtel-Martha-Nelson-1916.jpg (file)47 KBSamSteiner (Martha Snyder and Nelson Bechtel wedding, 1916. Family photo)1
18:52, 31 August 2016Tiessen-Henry--1945.jpg (file)74 KBSamSteiner (First Students at Eden Christian College, 1945. Grade 9-10; Henry Tiessen at right. Family photo.)1
19:39, 29 August 2016Storms Everek Irene.jpg (file)94 KBSamSteiner (Irene and Everek Storms. Family photo)1
18:36, 29 August 2016DH-124.jpg (file)110 KBSamSteiner (George R. Brunk II family outside their trailer at the Brunk Brothers Revival Campaign in Waterloo, Ontario. Back row l to r: George R. Brunk, Margaret Brunk. Middle row l to r: George R. Brunk III, Paul Brunk, Gerald Brunk. Front row l to r: Conrad Gr...)1
18:31, 29 August 2016Bauman Louida.jpg (file)50 KBSamSteiner (Louida Bauman, in the photo in which she is identified as a deaconess.<br/>Source: Mennonite Archives of Ontario 1989-1-112)1
17:41, 23 August 2016Reimer-Al-1986.jpg (file)477 KBSamSteiner (Al Reimer, 1986. Source: Centre for Mennonite Brethren Studies (Winnipeg). NP136-01-009)1
10:49, 23 August 2016Corn Mennonite Church (3694236854).jpg (file)95 KBSamSteiner 2
12:42, 20 August 2016The-Network-Church-2014.jpg (file)166 KBSamSteiner (Community gathering by The Network Church, 5 July 2014. Source: The Network Church Facebook page)1
19:58, 19 August 2016Shalom-Worship-and-Healing-Centre-2016.jpg (file)177 KBSamSteiner (Jonathan Abraham of Shalom welcomed by MCEC's Brian Quan and Brian Bauman. Source: Mennonite Church Eastern Canada.)1
18:15, 19 August 2016Medahnialem-Ethiopian-Evangelical-Church.jpg (file)43 KBSamSteiner (Medahnialem Ethiopian Evangelical Church. Pastor Tadesse Mekuria playing guitar at right. Source: Canadian Mennonite (14 April 2014): 20.)1
12:07, 8 August 2016Mount Zion House of Prayer.jpg (file)85 KBSamSteiner (Mt. Zion House of Prayer. Source: Church Facebook page)1
12:33, 4 August 2016Oyer-John-Stanley.jpg (file)66 KBSamSteiner (John S. Oyer. Source: Goshen College Archives.)1
17:00, 26 July 2016Richert-George-MHC-603-1027.jpg (file)30 KBSamSteiner (George Richert. Source: Mennonite Heritage Centre (Winnipeg) 603-1027)1
15:00, 19 July 2016Schroeder-David-1968.jpeg (file)90 KBSamSteiner (David Schroeder, 1968. Source: Mennonite Heritage Centre Archives 491.0675 )1
18:07, 12 July 2016Rempel-David-G-1964.jpg (file)91 KBSamSteiner (David G. Rempel. Source: Mennonite Archives of Ontario 2000-1.25)1
17:00, 11 July 2016Miller-Marlin-and-Ruthann-1991.jpg (file)67 KBSamSteiner (Marlin and Ruthann Miller, 1991. Source: Mennonite Archives of Ontario 1991-13 26)1
10:53, 6 July 2016MAO-2010-14-495.jpg (file)98 KBSamSteiner (Executive Committee of the 8th Mennonite World Conference. L-r: Erland Waltner (Elkhart, Indiana), president; Johannes A. Oosterbaan (Haarlem, The Netherlands), vice-pres.; Peter Wiens (Filadelphia, Paraguay), vice-president; B. J. Braun (Fresno, Cal.)...)1
10:35, 6 July 2016Covenant-M-F-Sarasota.jpg (file)74 KBSamSteiner (Covenant Mennonite Fellowship, December 2012. Source: Linse Miller)1
14:59, 4 July 2016Gratz Delbert-1967.jpg (file)44 KBSamSteiner (Delbert Gratz, 1967. Source: Mennonite Archives of Ontario 1987-1-44)1
13:00, 2 July 2016Williams-George Hunston.jpg (file)45 KBSamSteiner (George and Marjorie Williams. Source: Harvard Square Library)1
20:53, 27 June 2016Voolstra-Sjouke.jpg (file)130 KBSamSteiner (Sjouke Voolstra. Source: Paul. H.A.M. Abels.)1
10:12, 27 June 2016Simmons-Mary-Ann-Hallman.jpg (file)230 KBSamSteiner (Mary Ann Hallman Simmons. Source: Rob Simmons)1
18:25, 22 June 2016Shantz,-William.jpg (file)83 KBSamSteiner (Mary and William Shantz. Source: Missionary Church Collection, Bethel College, Mishawaka, Indiana)1
12:32, 18 June 2016Kauffman J Howard 1980s.jpg (file)38 KBSamSteiner (J. Howard Kauffman. Source: Archives of the Mennonite Church-Goshen. HM-299 (Herald Press collection).)1
13:19, 14 June 2016Springer Nelson P 1970s.jpg (file)60 KBSamSteiner (Nelson P. Springer at work. Source: Archives of the Mennonite Church HM-299 (Herald Press photos))1
18:47, 13 June 2016Hostetler-Beulah-Stauffer.jpg (file)67 KBSamSteiner (Beulah Stauffer Hostetler. Source: Elkhart Truth)1

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