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This infobox is for providing general information about a Christian church, including its history, architecture and staff. To provide information solely about the architectural details of a church building, use "{{Infobox religious building}}".


The full template for this infobox is set out below. Apart from the parameters indicated as mandatory and other instructions in the "Parameters" table below, all parameters are optional and may be left out to simplify the template. An example of the infobox in use is shown at the bottom of this page.

{{Infobox church
|name                   = 
|fullname               = 
|image                  = 
|imagesize              = 
|imagelink              = 
|imagealt               = 
|landscape              = 
|caption                = 

|pushpin map            = 
|pushpin label position = 
|pushpin map alt        = 
|pushpin mapsize        = 
|map caption            = 
|latd                   = 
|latm                   = 
|lats                   = 
|latNS                  = 
|longd                  = 
|longm                  = 
|longs                  = 
|longEW                 = 
|coordinates            = {{coord|LAT|LONG|region:ZZ_type:landmark|display=inline,title}}
|osgraw                 =  <!--  TEXT -->
|osgridref              =  <!-- {{gbmappingsmall|TEXT}} -->
|location               = 
|country                = [mandatory]

|denomination           = [mandatory]
|previous denomination  =
|churchmanship          = 
|membership             = 
|attendance             = 
|website                = <!-- {{URL|example.com}} -->

|former name            = 
|bull date              = 
|founded date           = {{start date|YYYY|MM|DD}} - but see note below
|founder                = 
|dedication             = 
|dedicated date         = 
|consecrated date       = 
|cult                   = 
|relics                 = 
|events                 = 
|past bishop            = 
|people                 = 

|status                 = 
|functional status      = 
|heritage designation   = 
|designated date        = 
|architect              = 
|architectural type     = 
|style                  = 
|groundbreaking         = 
|completed date         = 
|construction cost      = 
|closed date            = 
|demolished date        = 

|capacity               = 
|length                 = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|width                  = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|width nave             = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|height                 = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|diameter               = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|other dimensions       = 
|floor count            = 
|floor area             = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|dome quantity          = 
|dome height outer      = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|dome height inner      = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|dome dia outer         = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|dome dia inner         = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|spire quantity         = 
|spire height           = <!-- {{convert|}} -->
|materials              = 
|bells                  = 
|bells hung             = 
|bell weight            = <!-- {{CwtQtrLb to kg|}} -->

|parish                 = 
|deanery                = 
|archdeaconry           = 
|episcopalarea          = 
|archdiocese            = 
|metropolis             = 
|diocese                = 
|province               = 
|presbytery             = 
|synod                  = 
|circuit                = 
|district               = 
|division               = 
|subdivision            = 

|archbishop             = 
|bishop                 = 
|dean                   = 
|provost                = 
|provost-rector         = 
|viceprovost            = 
|subdean                = 
|precentor              = 
|chancellor             = 
|canonchancellor        = 
|canon                  = 
|canonmissioner         = 
|canonpastor            = 
|canontreasurer         = 
|succentor              = 
|archdeacon             = 
|prebendary             = 
|rector                 = 
|vicar                  = 
|curate                 = 
|priestincharge         = 
|priest                 = 
|asstpriest             = 
|minister               = 
|assistant              = 
|honpriest              = 
|deacon                 = 
|deaconness             = 
|seniorpastor           = 
|pastor                 = 
|abbot                  = 
|chaplain               = 

|reader                 = 
|student intern         = 
|organistdom            = 
|director               = 
|organist               = 
|organscholar           = 
|chapterclerk           = 
|laychapter             = 
|warden                 = 
|verger                 =
|businessmgr            = 
|liturgycoord           = 
|reledu                 = 
|rcia                   = 
|youthmin               = 
|flowerguild            = 
|musicgroup             = 
|parishadmin            = 
|serversguild           = 

|logo                   = 
|logosize               = 
|logolink               = 
|logoalt                = 


Parameter Description
Name and image
name The common name of the church. If this is omitted, the article name is used.
fullname The full name of the church, if this is different from its common name. For instance, "Westminster Abbey" can be placed in the "name" parameter, and "The Collegiate Church of St Peter, Westminster" in the "fullname" parameter.
image / img The name of an image file containing a photograph of the church. If the image is called "File:WesleyMethodistChurch-sepiapostcard.jpg", just type "WesleyMethodistChurch-sepiapostcard.jpg". Do not include "File:" or enclose the file name in double square brackets ("[[ ]]").
imagesize / img size The width of the image in pixels (px). For example, if you wish the image to be 150px wide, type "150". Do not add "px" after the number. If no number is stated, the width defaults to 220px for an image for a portrait image (i.e., one the width of which is shorter than the height) and 300px for a landscape image (one the width of which is longer than the height).
imagelink A hyperlink for the image. This can either be a URL or the name of a Wikipedia article. Do not enclose the URL or article name in square brackets. If no link is specified or the parameter is omitted, the image is linked to its image description page.
imagealt Alt text for the image. For more information, see "Wikipedia:Alternative text for images".
landscape Indicate "yes" if the image has a landscape orientation, that is, if its width is longer than its height.
caption / img capt The caption for the image.
Pushpin map, coordinates and location
pushpin map The country name of a location map, e.g., "Indonesia", "Russia". See "Category:Location map by country templates" for a list of countries for which location maps are currently available. For information on creating new maps, see "Template:Location map#Creating new maps". The coordinate fields below position a pushpin coordinate marker and label on the location map automatically.
pushpin label position The position of the label on the pushpin map relative to the pushpin coordinate marker. Valid options are "left", "right", "top", "bottom" and "none". If this parameter is not used or no value is specified, the default value is "right".
pushpin map alt Alt text for the pushpin map.
pushpin mapsize Must be entered only as a number – do not type "px" after it. The default value is 250.
map caption A caption for the pushpin map.
latd The degrees of the latitude. Can also be used for decimal degrees.
latm The minutes of the latitude.
lats The seconds of the latitude.
latNS Whether the latitude is north or south of the Equator – enter "N" or "S".
longd The degrees of the longitude. Can also be used for decimal degrees.
longm The minutes of the longitude.
longs The seconds of the longitude.
longEW Whether the longitude is east or west of the Prime Meridian – enter "E" or "W".
coordinates To provide the geographic coordinates of the church, use the template "{{coord}}" with the parameter "display=inline,title".
osgraw (Short for "OS grid reference raw".) To provide the geographic grid references of a church in Great Britain according to the British national grid reference system, code simply as the grid ref, for example, "TQ 414 104". Spaces are allowed.
osgridref As for Template:Para above, but code as "{{gbmappingsmall|TQ 414 104}}". Note: use Template:Para or Template:Para, not both.
location The city (and the province or state, if applicable) that the church is located in.
country The country that the church is located in. This must be stated. In accordance with "Wikipedia:Manual of Style (icons)#Help the reader rather than decorate", it is suggested that you do not insert an image of the flag of the country before the country name.
Affiliation, attendance and website
denomination The denomination of the church; for example, "[[Anglicanism|Anglican]]", "[[Interdenominationalism|Interdenominational]]", "[[Methodism|Methodist]]", "[[Non-denominational Christianity|Non-denominational]]", "[[Presbyterianism|Presbyterian]]", "[[Roman Catholic Church|Roman Catholic]]". This must be stated. If possible, link the denomination to an appropriate article using double square brackets.

The background colour of the template headings is specified for certain denominations; to view these colours, see "Template:Infobox church/denomination". Before changing the colours, or inserting new denominations and colours, please discuss the matter with other editors at "Template talk:Infobox church".

previous denomination Insert any previous denomination(s) here.
churchmanship The form of churchmanship of the church, for example, "[[High church]]", "[[Low church]]", "[[Evangelicalism|Evangelical]]".
membership The number of members. Indicate the year in parentheses after the number, for example, "5,025 (2008)".
attendance The average weekly attendance at services. Indicate the date, and if necessary the particular service, in parentheses after each number, for example, "4,346 (as on 20–21 December 2008)", "867 (9:30 am service), 773 (11:30 am) (as on 21 December 2008)".
website The website address of the church, using {{URL}}, thus: "{{URL|example.com}}".
former name The former name(s) of the church, if any.
bull date The date of the papal bull authorizing the establishment of the church.
founded date The date when the church was founded. For Gregorian dates (that is, after about 1750), use the template {{start date}}. Add the parameter "df=yes" if full dates in the article are set out with the day before the month, as follows: "{{start date|1885|2|6|df=yes}}".
founder The name(s) of the founder(s) of the church.
dedication The name of the saint to which the church is dedicated, for example, "[[Mary Magdalene]]".
dedicated date The date when the church was dedicated and/or consecrated. The starting and ending years or dates of a time period should be separated by an en dash, like this: "1907–1908"; "January 12, 1906 – July 31, 1907". To insert an en dash, either type "&ndash;" or click on the appropriate symbol in the character insertion table under the edit window.
consecrated date
cult The name of the saint that the church is a cult centre of.
relics Significant relics held by the church.
events Significant historical events in the life of the church, for example, accidental or deliberate burnings, attacks, and major building extensions.
past bishop The name(s) of significant former bishop(s) of a cathedral.
people Significant non-clerical people who played an important part in the church's history, for example, a person responsible for the restoration or destruction of the building.
status The church's current ecclesiastical status or, if presently unused, its last previous status, for example, "[[Basilica]]", "[[Cathedral]]", "[[Church (building)|Church]]", "[[Oratory]]", "[[Parish church]]".
functional status The current function of the church, for example, "Abandoned", "Active", "[[Museum]]", "Preserved".
heritage designation Any heritage designation that has been given to the church.
designated date The date when the church was given its heritage designation.
architect The name(s) of the architect(s) of the church.
architectural type A description of the original function of the building, for example, "[[Basilica]]", "[[Cathedral]]", "[[Chapel]]".
style The architectural style of the church. If possible, link the style to an appropriate article using double square brackets, for example, "[[Baroque architecture|Baroque]]", "[[Gothic architecture|Gothic]]", "[[Gothic Revival architecture|Gothic Revival]]", "[[Medieval architecture|Medieval]]", "[[Modern architecture|Modern]]", "[[Romanesque architecture|Romanesque]]".
groundbreaking The date when the groundbreaking ceremony of the church was held, or the date that construction of the building began.
completed date The date when construction of the building was completed.
construction cost The total cost of construction.
closed date The dates when the church was closed and/or demolished.
demolished date
capacity The number of people that the church can accommodate at any one time.
length The overall length, width, nave width, height, diameter and/or other dimensions of the church. If the building is on United States territory, put measurements in Imperial units (feet and inches) first, then in metres in parentheses. If the building is on territory that uses the metric system of measurement, place measurements in metres first, then in feet and inches in parentheses. (See "Wikipedia:Manual of Style (dates and numbers)#Which units to use" for more information.) This can be done using the {{convert}} template, like this: "{{convert|404|ft|m|abbr=on}}", "{{convert|120|m|ftin|abbr=on}}".

The name of any significant part of the church the dimensions of which are being stated should be indicated in parentheses after the measurement; for example, "{{convert|120|m|ftin|abbr=on}} (spire)", "{{convert|41.47|m|ftin|abbr=on}} (dome)". Alternatively, use the specific parameters for specifying the dimensions of spires and domes described below.

width nave
other dimensions
floor count The number of floors, levels or storeys.
floor area The floor area, for example, "{{convert|700|m2|sqft|abbr=on}}".
dome quantity The number of domes.
dome height outer The outer and inner height and diameter of any dome.
dome height inner
dome dia outer
dome dia inner
spire quantity The number of spires.
spire height The height of any spire.
materials The principal building materials used to construct the church.
bells The number of bells.
bells hung The arrangement in which the bells are hung.
bell weight The weight of the tenor bell. Use {{CwtQtrLb to kg}}.
parish The parish, deanery, archdeaconry, episcopal area, archdiocese, metropolis, diocese, province, presbytery, synod, circuit or district that the church is located in, if any.
Parameter Example
Parish [[Egglescliffe]]; [[Olaf II of Norway|St Olave]] with [[Saint Giles|St Giles]]
Deanery [[Stokesley]]
Archdeaconry [[Archdeaconry of the East Riding|East Riding]]
Archdiocese [[Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Southwark|Southwark]]
Episcopal area Kensington ([[Bishop of Kensington]])
Diocese [[Anglican Diocese of Toronto|Toronto]]
Province [[Province of Canterbury|Canterbury]]
Presbytery [[Presbytery of Aberdeen|Aberdeen]]
division If a system other than that indicated above is used for the church, these fields can be used to indicate the geographical division and subdivision that the church is located in, for example, "[[North Carolina Annual Conference]]", "[[Tennessee Baptist Convention]]".
archbishop The name(s) of the archbishop, bishop(s), dean(s), provost(s), provost-rector(s), vice-provost(s), precentor(s), chancellor(s), subdean(s), canon(s), canon pastor(s), archdeacon(s), prebendary(-ies), rector(s), vicar(s), curate(s), priest in charge, priest(s), assistant priest(s), minister(s), assistant(s), honorary priest(s), deacon(s), deaconess(es), senior pastor(s), pastor(s), abbot(s) and/or chaplain(s) of the church, if applicable.

Separate several names with commas (","), or put each name on a separate line by typing "<br>" between the names, thus: "Rev. Dr. and Mrs. [[James Mills Thoburn]],<br>Rev. [[William Fitzjames Oldham]]".

reader The name(s) of the reader, student intern, director of music, organist(s), organ scholar(s), chapter clerk, lay member(s) of the chapter, churchwarden(s), verger(s), business manager, liturgy coordinator, religious education coordinator, Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) coordinator, and/or youth ministry coordinator of the church, if any.
student intern
flowerguild The name of the flower guild, music group, parish administration and/or servers' guild of the church, if any.
Bottom of infobox
logo The name of a file containing an image of the logo of the church. Do not include "File:" in front of the filename or enclose the file name in double square brackets.

Many of such images will be subject to copyright. Therefore, please comply with "Wikipedia:Non-free content" by ensuring that the image description page has an appropriate copyright tag and non-free use rationale. See "Wikipedia:Logos" for more information.

logosize The width of the logo in pixels (px). Do not add "px" after the number. If no number is stated, the width defaults to 100px.
logolink A hyperlink for the logo. This can either be a URL or the name of a Wikipedia article. Do not enclose the URL or article name in square brackets. If no link is specified or the parameter is omitted, the logo is linked to its image description page.
logoalt Alt text for the logo. For more information, see "Wikipedia:Alternative text for images".
Wesley Methodist Church

Wesley Methodist Church, from an old sepia-toned postcard.

OS grid referenceTQ 414 104
OS grid referenceTQ 414 104
Weekly attendance4,346 (as on 20–21 December 2008)
Former name(s)Methodist Episcopal Church
FoundedTemplate:Start date
Founder(s)Rev. Dr. and Mrs. James Mills Thoburn, Rev. William Fitzjames Oldham, Mrs. Marie Oldham, Miss Julia Battie
DedicatedTemplate:Start date
Functional statusActive
GroundbreakingDecember 1907
CompletedEnd 1908
DivisionTrinity Annual Conference (TRAC)
Senior pastor(s)Rev. Melvin Hwang (Pastor in Charge)
Pastor(s)Rev. Alvin Chan, Rev. Lilian Ang, Rev. Philip Lim, Rev. Daniel Tan, Rev. Michael Tan, Rev. Wendy Watson, Rev. Khoo Kay Huat
Music group(s)Dawnbreakers, John Wesley Choir, Wesley Chorale, Wesley Singers, Wesley Heralds



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