Rosenort Church of God in Christ, Mennonite (Rosenort, Manitoba, Canada)

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The Rosenort Church of God in Christ, Mennonite congregation in Rosenort, Manitoba, Canada was organized in March 1882 following evangelistic work by John Holdeman and Mark Seiler.

Peter Toews served as bishop of the Kleine Gemeinde group in the East Reserve in Manitoba. He counseled with John Holdeman in Kansas and invited Holdeman to minister in Manitoba. Rosenort was one location Holdeman and Seiler visited in late 1881. John T. Enns, a Kleine Gemeinde minister, was the first in the Rosenort area to join with Holdeman's group. About 17 families became part of the new congregation in 1882, with John T. Enns as the minister.

Services were held in homes or in the Rosenhof and Rosenort schools until 1919. That year the congregation built a church on land donated by Deacon Jacob Enns southwest of Rosenort. A new building was erected in 1949 and was replaced by yet a another building in 1980.

Flooding in 1950 from April until early June was devastating for the Rosenort community, with much loss of property and livestock. Similar floods occurred in 1966, 1979 and 1997. Better flood control mitigated damage in the later years.

The congregation began the Prairie View School north of Rosenort in 1976.

In 2000 the congregation was composed of farmers, construction, factory work, and printing.

In 2019 the congregation was part of the Church of God in Christ, Mennonite. The ministers were Dan Reimer, Mark Hiebert, and David Duerksen.


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Additional Information

Address: 30 - 106 PR 422, Rosenort, Manitoba

Phone: 204-746-8944


Denominational Affiliations:

Church of God in Christ, Mennonite

Ordained Pastors at the Rosenort Church of God in Christ, Mennonite Church

Name Years
of Service
John T. Enns (1850-1917) 1882-1917
Cornelius Eidse (1840-1914) 1882-1898
Abraham Klassen (1850-1935) 1882-1903
David Hiebert 1884-1890s?
Gerhard K. Goossen (1859-1937) 1906-1937
Gerhard F. Goossen (1895-1986) 1924-1986
John D. Penner (1899-1975) 1924-1975
John P. Isaac (1905-1989) 1943-1989
Walter P. Goossen (1923-2009) 1943-1962
Alva Froese (1924-2011) 1963-1968
Jacob E. Bartel 1964-present
Elmer Penner (1930-2011) 1968-2011
Robert Goossen 1981-1995
Melvin Penner 1982-2007
Weldon Hiebert 1989-2007
Mark Hiebert 2006-present
Dan Reimer 2008-present
David Duerksen 2017-present

Membership at Rosenort Church of God in Christ, Mennonite Church

Year Membership
1882 36
1917 23
1960 188
1985 246
2000 252
2009 158
2019 151

Original Mennonite Encyclopedia Article

By John D. Penner. Copied by permission of Herald Press, Harrisonburg, Virginia, from Mennonite Encyclopedia, Vol. 4, p. 360. All rights reserved.

The Rosenort Church of God in Christ Mennonite Church, located 10 miles northwest of Morris, Manitoba, and near the village of Rosenort, was started in 1882 with a membership of 36 as a part of the group that withdrew from the Kleine Gemeinde. John Enns was the first residing minister, serving 1882-d. 1917. Other ministers who served were Abr. Klaassen, David Hiebert, and G. K. Goossen (1906-d. 37).

Services were held in homes and school-houses until the first church was built in 1919. The 1958 church, seating capacity 300, was built in 1949. The present ministers are G. F. Goossen and J. D. Penner, both ordained in 1924, and J. P. Isaac and W. P. Goossen, ordained in 1943. Most members are farmers and are predominantly of Molotschna descent and speak Plattdeutsch in their homes.

Church services are now mostly conducted in English. Midweek Bible study and singing meetings are held. Musical instruments are not used. Footwashing is practiced at communion services. The membership in 1958 was 188.

Author(s) Samuel J Steiner
Date Published August 2020

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