Lyndon Amish Mennonite Church (Lyndon, Kansas, USA)

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Lyndon Amish Mennonite Church is located in Lyndon, Kansas, USA. The church was established in 2001 and was a daughter church of Plainview Mennonite Church, a Beachy Amish church in Auburn, Kentucky.

In 1987, Lester Gingerich, the bishop at Sunnyside Mennonite Fellowship in Sarasota, Florida, published The Church: A Theocracy. The book prescribed a form of church government, dubbed "theocracy," that gave church leaders increased governing power over individual members as an alternative to the traditional method of allowing popular vote to determine decisions in the church. In the late 1990s, members of the Plainview Mennonite Church began to implement this polity in their congregation. Families that did not agree with this "theocracy" interpretation moved to Franklin Amish Mennonite Church in Franklin and to Providence Fellowship in Auburn. However, the "theocracy" movement spread to these churches as well. Members of these two congregations that did not agree with this theological direction established the less conservative Willow Creek Mennonite Church in 2000. Leaders in the Plainview congregation feared that this new congregation, with its looser standards, would attract members from their congregation. As a result, the Plainview bishop, Rudy Overholt, led 10 of the 18 families in the church to establish a new congregation, Lyndon Amish Mennonite Church, in Kansas. The Lyndon congregation was also born out of a desire to spread out to different areas that did not have a Godly, plain church in its midst.

In 2018 the church had 60 members and was a member of the Maranatha Amish Mennonite Churches. The ministerial team included Bishop Rudy Overholt, Ministers Leon Yoder and Lawrence Lee Overholt and Deacon Kevin Miller.


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Additional Information

Address: 709 W. 269th Street, Lyndon, Kansas

Phone: 785-828-4700

Denominational Affiliation:

Maranatha Amish Mennonite Churches


Lyndon Amish Mennonite Church

Author(s) Richard D Thiessen
Date Published April 2018

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