Hutchinson New Order Amish Settlement (Hutchinson, Kansas, USA)

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The Hutchinson New Order Amish settlement southwest of Hutchinson, Reno County, Kansas, USA was established in 1883. The originally Old Order Amish settlement was organized as a congregation in 1883, when the families of Christian H. Miller, Christian C. Miller, Tobias Schrock, and Peter Schrock came from Shelby County, Illinois. The first minister was Christian E. Bontrager, bishop. Soon widower Daniel E. Mast moved to the community from Holmes County, Ohio, and encouraged the development of Sunday schools. This was contrary to normal Old Order Amish practice.

Over the years the community also accepted use of tractors in the fields, also uncommon in Old Order communities. There was also pressure in the 1950s to become more mission oriented. Some families left to become part of an independent, later Beachy Amish church.

The Meadowlark Christian School was established in 1995 in a former Sunday school building. Previously students attended the public schools.

In 2014 most families were engaged in farming, especially dairy farming. some were involved in various aspects of construction. Hutchinson is considered to be part of the "electric" New Order Amish.

In 2014 the settlement was part of the New Order Amish. There were two districts with a total of 45 family units.


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Additional Information

Address: Hutchinson, Kansas


Denominational Affiliations:

New Order Amish

Ordained Leasers of the Hutchinson New Order Amish

Name Years
of Service
Christian E. Bontrager (1834-1912)(Bishop) 1883-1912
David D. Schlabach (1860-1935) 1889-1897
Eli A. Nisly (1864-1941)
Daniel E. Mast (1848-1930)(Deacon) 1891-1930
Jacob M. Troyer (1853-1930) ?-1930
Noah Troyer (1874-1960) 1899-1907
Daniel A. Nisly (1868-1946) 1907-1946
Jacob H. Miller (1874-1951)
David J. Miller (1878-1974)(Deacon) 1915-1974
Noah D. Mast (1879-1966) 1916-1966
Albert Beachy (1886-?) 1931-?
Peter Wagler (1885-1957)(Deacon) 1928-1957
Levi D. Nisly (1892-1953) 1932-1953
Andrew J. Miller 1886-1957) 1942-?
Levi N. Helmuth (1877-1958)
John D. Yoder (1886-1968) 1947-1965
William W. Wagler (1914-1993) 1943-1993
John C. Yoder (1920-2011) 1944-2011
Alvin Helmuth (1917-2003) 1952-2003
Amos Nisly (1924- ) 1952-
John Mast (1914-2014)
David L. Miller (1927- ) 1954-
Abe M. Yoder (1920-2000) 1963-2000
David D. Jones (1912-1996) 1967-1996
Ben Weaver (1935-2003)(Bishop) 1988-2003
Eli R. Mast (1936- )(Deacon) 1973-1981
Daniel Ray Beachy (1958- ) 1982-
Edward Mast (1944- )
Dean Knepp (1967- ) 2005-
Dan Hershberger (1956- ) 1999-
Roman Yoder (1954- ) 2001-
Wayne Bontrager (1975- ) 2004-

Author(s) Samuel J Steiner
Date Published March 2020

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