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Recent Articles

<recent columns="2" />

New Page

New Section

This section was created by a regular Wiki user and will not show up when users without "Reviewer" status are signed in until and Editor or Reviewer has approved it - Note that it is possible for users who are not logged in to see these changes under "Pending Changes".

The Reviewer will also be able to rate the quality of the article.

Top Item

Sorting has been updated to handle some accents by modifying the tablesorter collation using JavaScript in the following file MediaWiki:Common.js

Date Name Height
01.10.1977 Egli, Emil (1848-1908) 1.85
11.6.1972 ▒glise Mennonite Sonlight Mission (Haiti) 1.89
1.9.1992 El Salvador 1.72
1.9.1998 Arman 1.8
1.9.2008 Zoe 1.84
1.9.2005 Fable 1.72
1.9.2003 Dane 1.53

Global Anabaptist Wiki


Uses the following extension BibleRef. Check the link for advanced usage instructions.

<bible>Col 1:15-20</bible>

If the following link is active then Scripturizer is working which will automatically find and enable bible reference links in wiki text.

Col 1:15-20


Any valid address,partial address or valid latitude and longitude in decimal or degree minute seconds should resolve to a location on the map - see below for examples.

NOTE - Geocoding addresses through Google Maps is subject to quota limits - it is strongly recommended to avoid using addresses on maps as a user could possibly reach the limit and cause page load issues. The examples have been changed to using lat/long for loading the maps while still showing code for address geocoding.

Examples moved to Map Examples page.


The EmbedVideo extension has been added allowing the following - check Extension:EmbedVideo for more options.

{{#ev:youtube|EMCDobBllm8|400|center|History of the Mennonite Faith pt1}}
This is a selection of images from the Mennonite book by Larry Towell, with two poems from the Mennonite CD.
History of the Mennonite Faith pt1

External links to videos can be created as normal using the link control of the WikiEditor:

Mennonite Men's Choir


MP3 Audio files up to 50 Mb in size can be uploaded to the server and then linked internally using Extension:AudioPlayer2 to stream.


<player>17_Face_to_Face.mp3</player> Face to Face

By direct file link:

Or externally
God is Love


According to scientists, the Sun is pretty big.[1] The Moon, however, is not so big.[2]





Instructions Translation Tutorial

Essentially the page to be translated needs to be wrapped in <translate>...</translate> tags and then an administrator can mark the page as ready for translation and setup the sections to be translated and the desired languages to translate to (optional).

Once setup translators will have a link at the top of the page to allow them to start the translation.

The example page has been created for experimentation (may no longer exist after import)



  1. E. Miller, The Sun, (New York: Academic Press, 2005), 23-5.
  2. R. Smith, "Size of the Moon", Scientific American, 46 (April 1978): 44-6.