Arnaud Mennonite Church (Arnaud, Manitoba, Canada)

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Arnaud Mennonite Church building, 2017.
Source: Bert Friesen

Mennonites settled in the Ste. Elizabeth, Arnaud, and Dominion City areas of Manitoba in 1925. They met to worship in private homes and rented facilities when these became available. In 1927 the Lichtenau Mennonite Church (Lichtenauer Mennoniten Gemeinde) was formally organized. In 1929 it was decided to build a meeting house at Ste. Elizabeth. This was the first meeting house built by the 1920s Mennonite immigrants in western Canada. Travel conditions and means made it difficult for the entire group to worship together at Ste. Elizabeth. So in 1944 another meeting house was built in Arnaud. The Mennonite Brethren families had already built a meeting house in Arnaud in 1935 so many of the other Mennonite families worshiped there until 1944. An attempt at remaining an equal congregation in the Lichtenauer Mennoniten Gemeinde did not work out so two independent congregations emerged after 1944, the Lichtenau Mennonite Church at Ste. Elizabeth and the Arnaud Mennonite Church. They did cooperate in some programmes such as the Jugendverein. For some major celebrations, such as the 40th anniversary of the settlement in 1965 the three congregations, Lichtenau, Arnaud Mennonite Brethren, and Arnaud Mennonite celebrated together. The Arnaud Mennonite Church continued to survive after the Arnaud Mennonite Brethren congregation dissolved in 1980 and the Lichtenau congregation in 1990.


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Additional Information

Address: 41 Smith Avenue East, Arnaud, Manitoba R0A 0B0 [Co-ordinates 49.251667, -97.101944 (49° 15' 06" N 97° 06' 07" W)]

Phone: 204-427-2263


Denominational Affiliations:

Mennonite Church Manitoba

Mennonite Church Canada (1945-present)

General Conference Mennonite Church (1947-1999)

Arnaud Mennonite Church Ministers

Minister Years
Abram Warkentin 1944-1965
Johann Poetker 1944-1996
Peter Harder 1953-1959
John Krueger 1962-1976
David Wiebe 1977-1986
Jacob Funk 1986-1990
Abe Neufeld 1990-1991
Byron Rempel-Burkholder 1992-1993
Lynell Bergen & Bryan Dyck 1993-2000
Lynne & Omar Martin (Omar died 2002) 2001-2007
Dave Lepp 2008-2011
Albert Durksen 2011-2014
Gloria Beck 2015-2021
John P. Klassen (Intentional Interim) May 2021-present

Arnaud Mennonite Church Membership

Year Members
1950  87
1965  110
1975  88
1985  100
1995  99
2000  96
2009  94
2015 87
2020 76

Author(s) Peter R. Harder
Samuel J. Steiner
Date Published May 2012

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