Annotated Hutterite Bibliography, An (Monograph)

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Maria H. Krisztinkovich Compiler. An Annotated Hutterite Bibliography. Kitchener, Ontario. Pandora Press. 1998, 348 pp. Edited by Peter C. Erb. ISBN: 0-9698762-8-9 Can $29.95. Cerlox binding. Also as an electronic file; ISBN: 0-9698762-9-7.

An Annotated Hutterite Bibliography is a comprehensive bibliography of the Hutterite Brethren with over 2,700 entries listing books, pamphlets, dissertations, manuscripts, films and both scholarly and newspaper articles. The entries are unnumbered but are in alphabetical order by author’s name or title for anonymous works. The volume covers not only the formal Hutterite Brethren denomination but also "Habáners." These were the Hutterites left behind in their move out of Hungary and forced by the Catholic Church to become Catholics. The Habáners retained their communal lifestyle and many Hutterite characteristics but their infants were baptized. The work concludes with three short appendixes: a list of reference works, an author’s note, and an interesting list of 144 different names rightly or wrongly applied to Hutterites through the ages.

The bibliography lacks scholarly apparatus like subject, name and place indexes, thus requiring researchers to know author names to find relevant entries. The electronic file with its easy word searching capabilities is a significant step in overcoming these limitations.

There are a number of strengths to this bibliography. First, it is the most comprehensive bibliography yet compiled on Hutterites. It generally supersedes Marvin P. Riley’s The Hutterite Brethren: an annotated bibliography with special reference to South Dakota Hutterite Colonies. (Brookings, South Dakota, Sociology Dept., 1965) and Donovan E. Smucker’s The sociology of Canadian Mennonites, Hutterites and Amish: a bibliography with annotations. 2 volumes. (Waterloo, Ontario, Wilfrid Laurier University, 1977 and 1990).

Second, Krisztinkovich lists materials in over a dozen different languages; in particular the coverage of works in central European languages like Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Italian, and Czech is very good. Many of the titles in these languages are translated into English. Next, the bibliography covers many basic Anabaptist topics and many early writings from the 16th to 19th centuries. Particularly strong is the coverage of Hutterite crafts, which blossomed in the first century of their existence and then continued into the 19th century. Hutterite ceramics were of particular interest to both author, Maria Horvath Krisztinkovich, and her father, Béla Krisztinkovich, who has written extensively on this topic. The University of British Columbia which employed the author as a Library Assistant has the largest collection of Hutterite / Habán ceramics in North America. The bibliography is thorough in covering publications by and about museums in the modern countries where Hutterites sojourned and which now extol Hutterite technical skill and artistry with displays and publications. Local craftsmen have reproduced and marketed the best of Hutterite works as “Haben” ceramics. Almost every entry has an annotation that gives a good sense of the content of the work. These annotations commend the language skills of the author and the prodigious amount of reading needed to compile such a large bibliography.

This is a personal project of the author and consists of her files of materials gathered over several decades of collecting. Krisztinkovich has placed a symbol beside some of the rarest works indicating that copies are to be found in her files. The "Forward" and "To the Readers" briefly note her contact with professor Werner Packull of Waterloo, Ontario led to the conversion of her personal files into a bibliography and then into a printable computer data base, a task overseen and edited by professor Peter C. Erb of Wilfrid Laurier University. The final checking and correcting was by Rev. Oliver E. Szebeni of Hungary.

Author(s) Victor Wiebe
Date Published June 2011

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