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GAMEO currently has 4 users with Editor rights.

Editors are established users that can spot-check revisions to pages.

The following data was last updated on 31 March 2015 at 02:05.

Edits that have been checked by established users are considered reviewed.

The average review delay for pages with edits currently pending review is 6 d 9 h; the delay measures how long the oldest pending edit has gone unreviewed.

The average wait for edits by users that have not logged in to be reviewed is 0.0 s; the median is 0.0 s.

Page review statistics for each namespace are shown below, excluding redirect pages. Pages are treated as outdated if they have edits pending review; pages are considered synced if there are no edits pending review.

(Main) 15,914 15,914‎ (100.00%) 15,913‎ (99.99%) 99.99% 1
File 4,036 4,023‎ (99.68%) 4,023‎ (99.68%) 100.00% 0
Template 147 147‎ (100.00%) 147‎ (100.00%) 100.00% 0
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