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Bethel Bible Institute
Photo from Echoes of Bethel 1963-1964, p. 35

The need for a centralized school that "would be the guardian of traditional Mennonite faith" was seriously proposed at the 1937 Ministers Conference of the Conference of United Mennonite Church of BC. At that time several local Mennonite congregations in British Columbia had established Bible schools, popularly known as "Religionsschulen" or schools of religious instruction, and others were established in following years. These were located in Abbotsford, Coghlan, Sardis and Yarrow, with Coghlan having commenced operations in 1939.

Under the gifted leadership of Nicolai W. Bahnmann (1879-1945), a graduate of the Pedagogical School in Halbstadt (Russia) and student at the Basel Bible School, the initiative in Coghlan showed considerable promise. In its first year, 22 young people enrolled in courses studying the Bible, Church, and Mennonite History. The three teachers, Bahnmann, J. D. Jantzen, and A. J. Jantzen, volunteered their time to teach over three and a half months, and students paid no tuition. A society was formed to run the school for a three-year period, at which time the Conference assumed full responsibility for the school.

In 1940, delegates at the annual general meeting of the Conference instructed the Bible School Committee to plan for a single, integrated school. Subsequently, a four acre tract of land was purchased next to the West Abbotsford Mennonite Church and Bethel Bible Institute was launched in 1946. A girls' dormitory was built immediately, and in 1947 an administration building was completed.

Over the next two decades Bethel developed a strong school identity, although student enrollment tended to fluctuate with the highest number reaching 61 in the 1951-52 school year and the lowest 19, in 1955-56. The school produced an annual yearbook (Echoes of Bethel), a newsletter (Contact), and developed an alumni association. Bethel Bible Institute served some 600 students, including 100 graduates, and was a vibrant reflection of the churches it served, namely helping "the local church equip its members for work in the various avenues of Christian service." Cornelia Lehn notes in Frontier Challenge that by 1953 every congregation in the Conference had at least one or more students at Bethel. Over the years some 31 teachers taught at Bethel.

Two developments in the early 1950s sent shock waves through the school. The withdrawal of the West Abbotsford Mennonite Church from the Conference drastically affected student enrollment. Moreover, the perceived growing diversity of theological perspectives among faculty further eroded constituency confidence in Bethel. It was felt by some constituents that the fundamentalist and dispensationalist views among teaching faculty were inconsistent with Anabaptism, leaving the school with no clear theological direction. To the surprise of many delegates at the 1970 annual Conference, the Bethel Bible Institute Committee recommended amalgamation with the Mennonite Brethren Bible Institute, thus giving birth to Columbia Bible Institute.

It would take some time before the fears of many MC constituents regarding the loss of denominational identity and the prospect of working so intimately with the MBs would be quieted. Nevertheless, as time and cooperative experience have shown, Columbia Bible Institute represented a healthy and sustaining inter-Mennonite vision, serving the needs of young people in both denominations.


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Additional Information

Bethel Bible Institute Instructors

Year Principal Other Instructors
1939-40   Nicolai W. Bahnmann, Johann D. Jantzen, Aron Jantzen
1940-41   Nicolai W. Bahnmann, Johann Goertz, J. H. Klassen, David Hausknecht, J. B. Wiens
1941-42   Nicolai W. Bahnmann, Johann Goertz
1942-43   Jacob Siemens
1943-44   Jacob W. Nickel, David Hausknecht
1944-45   Jacob W. Nickel, William L. Rempel
1945-46 William L. Rempel John Julius Klassen, George G. Schmidt
1946-47 William L. Rempel John Julius Klassen, George G. Schmidt
1947-48 Johann D. Adrian Henry H. Neufeld, George G. Schmidt
1948-49 Johann D. Adrian Henry H. Neufeld, George G. Schmidt
1949-50 Henry H. Neufeld George G. Schmidt, Isaac Epp
1950-51 Henry H. Neufeld D. P. Heidebrecht, Peter Derksen
1951-52 Henry H. Neufeld Abraham A. Harder, Peter Derksen, William L. Rempel
1952-53 Henry H. Neufeld Abraham A. Harder, Edward Enns, William L. Rempel
1953-54 Edward Enns Abraham A. Harder, Bruno Epp, Sara Lehn
1954-55 Aaron Klassen Abraham A. Harder, Sara Lehn, Henry Wiebe
1955-56 Edward Enns Henry T. Dueck, Abram Neufeld
1956-57 Edward Enns Herman Walde, Abram Neufeld
1957-58 Edward Enns Menno Epp, Irma Epp
1958-59 Edward Enns Menno Epp, David Wiebe, Irma Epp
1959-60 Menno Epp John H. Neufeld, Abram W. Koop, Irma Epp
1960-61 Menno Eppp Abram W. Koop, Henry H. Neufeld, Sarah Dyck, Irma Epp
1961-62 Menno Eppp Abram W. Koop, John H. Neufeld, Sarah Dyck, George Unger
1962-63 Menno Epp Abram W. Koop, John H. Neufeld, Sarah Dyck
1963-64 John H. Neufeld Abram W. Koop, Henry H. Neufeld, Sarah Dyck, Cornelius "Neil" Mathies
1964-65 Menno Epp John H. Neufeld, Sarah Dyck, Cornelius "Neil" Mathies
1965-66 Menno Epp John H. Neufeld, Sarah Dyck, Cornelius "Neil" Mathies
1966-67 Menno Epp Sarah Dyck, Anton B. Buhr, Cornelius "Neil" Mathies
1967-68 Menno Epp Anton B. Buhr, Jake Tilitzky, Cornelius "Neil" Mathies, Rudy Goerzen, Reuben Siemens
1968-69 Menno Epp Anton B. Buhr, George Schmidt, Peter Nickel, John Poettcker
1969-70 George Schmidt Anton B. Buhr, Peter Nickel, John Poettcker, Jake Janzen

Author(s) David Giesbrecht
Richard D. Thiessen
Date Published February 2012

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